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Diploma: Day Ten – Bathrooms & Maquette Making

Today we learnt about bathrooms! Again, we learnt about the kinds of things to consider when designing a bathroom – storage, baths, showers, lighting etc. We were shown some slides on these and explained what works and what doesn’t.

After lunch, we were then shown how to produce a maquette – I had never even heard of this before. (According to my dictionary a maquette is a small scale model of a sculpture or piece of architecture). So with the elevations of our study from Project A that we had been working on over the last two weeks, we were given instructions on how to create the maquette and left to give it a go.

As I was half asleep this morning I forgot half of my stuff (including my floor plan!), so had to draw this out again before I could begin making my model. I managed to catch up with everyone else though (I was determined to have my model made by the end of the afternoon!) without making any errors and cutting/scoring the wrong bit. I was quite impressed with myself considering how tired I was from the day before!

Taa da!

Our homework over the weekend is to colour it in if we want to and hand it in on Monday, as well as planning our layout and lighting for our Project B bedroom and bathroom.

So much for a relaxing weekend!


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